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Qurbani (Udhiyyah) is the ritual sacrifice of an animal as an act of worship of Allah, the Sole Creator of all beings. Muslims offer it after the Hajj pilgrimage on the days of Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice. Qurbani solemnly commemorates our gratefulness to Allah for guiding His prophets Abraham and Abraham’s eldest son Ishmael to the religion of perfect submission, and, by extension, opening that original way of divine submission to all of us.

Like previous years, this year again Molana Mehtar is planning for Qurbani (Udhiyyah) sacrifice to take place abroad. The cost per animal (Buffalo) is $189 (for up to 7 shares). For details, please contact Br. Rehan at 949-418-3857.

WARNING: Some images/video clips may be too graphic for some viewers.

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